Community Center

As part of a larger local development plan, APANY aims to initiate fundraising activities for the establishment of a multi-functional Community Center, the purpose of which would be to address and serve the needs of any and all community members 다운로드. Regardless of age bracket or income level, the facility would provide a meeting point for the Anguillian community at large, with the vision of transcending cultural, religious, gender and sexual identity differences among its members 다운로드.

Having fairness, compassion, respect and responsibility at the core of its values, the center would truly be a trusted place to voice an opinion and be heard 다운로드. It would promote health and wellness, while offering resources for youth and senior citizens alike, in the form of knowledge and support to aid in cultivating the confidence necessary to succeed in all areas of life 쇼트트랙 다운로드. A place where the community could come together and grow on a mental, physical and spiritual level, creating a sense of togetherness, the center would serve as a reminder that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves, and that in unity we can make a difference 마이크로 소프트 윈도우10. Become a member now, and help create a vision far greater than the mere sum of its parts!